How to Hide Valuables At The Beach 

You’ve gone to the beach with your valuables and wondered, “What am I going to do while in this water? What if someone takes my wallet or steals my phone?” You’re not alone. Many people have had their wallets stolen at popular beaches during crowded times because they left it on a towel by the pool and went for a swim.

Don’t let that be you!

Do what most locals suggest: Tuck things into your bikini top so it’s easy-to-reach when needed but out of sight from any prying eyes – like thieves scouting for vulnerable targets who are otherwise occupied swimming around having fun looking oblivious).

You know that sinking feeling when you come to the end of a long day at the beach and realize your phone, laptop or other valuables are nowhere in sight? Hate it. Protect yourself from these thieves with this awesome list on how not to get robbed while enjoying some sun!

Top Tips: How to Hide Valuables At The Beach

  1. The only way not to lose something is by never bringing it in the first place, but that’s just a general rule of thumb and there are always exceptions.
  2. When you’re out on vacation at beaches or lakes where people go swimming around, try keeping your valuables with you (so they don’t get stolen) instead of leaving them unattended somewhere else like on an umbrella– even if someone can see what’s inside those bags!
  3. If you really want some peace of mind about protecting your stuff from thieves when traveling this summer then check out these videos below I found online: how thieves work their magic and why we should all be more careful before packing our sunscreen & towel for the beach trips soon.
  4. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your valuables. Remember, just because you’re in the water doesn’t mean that people won’t try and take things from you!
  5. So make sure even if you have a waterproof pouch on or pockets inside of swim trunks, don’t forget about items like phones which are not able to go into the pool with us.
  6. The CoolBag Locking Anti-Theft Travel Tote With Insulated Cooler is an amazing way to keep your items safe and fresh when traveling. The locking features ensure that it will only open with the lock, preventing any unwanted surprises for you during your trip! Plus its built-in cooler means that there’s no need to bring a separate one around – just make sure not to lose track of the key though!
  7. Another bag with built-in locking technology is the Cool Bag Locking Anti Theft Travel Tote With Insulated And Built In COOLER!. It has anti-theft features PLUS a handy insulated cooler so all you have to worry about packing are snacks or water bottles on this road trip. Just hook up the strap securely while
  8. Keep an eye on them at all times by wearing clothes that won’t let go (fleece) or wrap it up securely in plastic zip-lock bags. Lock belongings into your car’s trunk before hitting the sand if they’re more valuable than would be worth scuffling over; otherwise, just put something heavy like anchor weights inside so no one can pick them up when unattended outside your vehicle. Use parking lots where attendants are present as well but avoid leaving anything visible from windows while driving around.
  9. Thieves are less likely to steal from you if they think there is a chance that someone caught them. To avoid theft, set your towel down in front of the lifeguard tower when possible so thieves will have second thoughts about stealing anything near it while you’re away for swim time!
  10. Theft can be prevented by placing towels close to a lifeguard station which decreases their chances of getting caught and arrested as well as any items being stolen. Thieves may not want to operate within view or sound range of an individual who might catch them during this crime–so make sure to place your towel next to one whenever necessary & stay safe out there!
  11. Don’t leave your valuables exposed – if you must at least tuck them under a beach towel. If the item is larger dig down in the sand so that when placed over it, the towel remains flat.
  12. For electronics place into a large zip-lock style bag and bury then cover with a beach towel. This way they are protected from the sand as well as water damage thanks to weather/water resistant cases designed for 100% protection against water and sand which are stronger than plastic food storage bags.
  13. Talking to your neighbors is a great way to make new friends! Perhaps you can even exchange numbers and keep in touch. If it’s too cold or windy, you could offer them some coffee from the vending machine (just don’t forget their change). Be sure not to put all of that cool stuff on one blanket-spread towel…better yet – remember where they are now so nobody has any trouble finding anything later.

The beach or pool safes are perfect for those who want to keep their valuables safe while they’re at the beach. Whether it’s a towel with an integrated pocket or one that locks into place on your chair of umbrella; these portable and waterproof means give you peace of mind when enjoying time in both water activities as well as more leisurely relaxation!

SafeGo Portable Lock Box, How to Hide Valuables At The Beach , eBookmarked, How to Hide Valuables At The Beach , eBookmarked

Don’t get caught without a way to lock up your valuables! The Lock Box can be locked with one of the three options: combo, key, or cable.

You’ll never have any problems finding something sturdy and secure enough for this bad boy – it’s made out of 17-inch steel wire wrapped around some fixed object. Durable and water-resistant, you won’t need anything else except maybe an extra set of hands if you’re trying to carry so much loot at once (just kidding!).

Plus we’ve got lightweight ABS plastic that is easy on space in case ya wanna pack more than just yourself into your bag when goin’ cruisin’.

Flexsafe Portable Safe, How to Hide Valuables At The Beach , eBookmarked, How to Hide Valuables At The Beach , eBookmarked, How to Hide Valuables At The Beach , eBookmarked

This ultra slash-resistant, water-resistant, and RFID blocking safe is perfect for traveler who needs to take their valuables with them. It has a re-programmable three-digit combination lock that can be set as many times as needed or changed at any time if it gets hacked!

This lightweight design makes it easy to pack up in your luggage without taking too much space so you’re not paying extra fees because of excess baggage charges.

, How to Hide Valuables At The Beach , eBookmarked, How to Hide Valuables At The Beach , eBookmarked

Travel Towel with Hidden Water/Sand Resistant Pocket

The perfect companion for the beach and pool, these towels can be used as a cover-up without having to carry anything with you. The towel includes an easy access pocket that is water-resistant so your valuables are safe while swimming or sleeping.

Made of quick-drying microfiber material this XL size will work great on any trip! It weighs 8 ounces which makes it lightweight enough to pack in any bag even if space is limited.

Key Takeaways: How to Hide Valuables At The Beach

Some of these methods will work better than others depending on the size and weight of your valuables as well as how often you plan to use them at the beach.

A few quick considerations before we begin to include where in the sand you would like to hide things if there are any dangers nearby (such as a large number of people or dangerous animals), and what other materials might be available for camouflage purposes such as seaweed, rocks, sticks, etcetera.

Once you have considered all those factors then feel free to choose one of our many options below! If none seem appropriate we recommend trying something from this list instead:

Put Valuables In The Sand For Others To Find

Hiding valuables at the beach is difficult. You don’t want to bury your stuff, but you also don’t want it in plain sight of prying eyes. The best thing we’ve found for this dilemma? A money belt! These things are awesome because they’re hidden under clothing and most thieves will never think to look there.

Just make sure that if you do have a lot of cash on hand that you put some into an actual wallet or purse before putting them away so nobody sees all your dough together. That’s the only way someone might be able to rob you while still wearing their bathing suit!

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