Home Eye Safety Month – What You Will Need to Know

October is your Home Eye Safety Month, which motivates people to put a stop to the negligent acts of the loved ones and friends which may result in accidents on the house. Accidents involving glasses, contact lenses or other optical devices are always inevitable, as some people use them irresponsibly without understanding the dangers they present.

The end result could be disastrous for the eyes and vision. Therefore, it’s important to put measures in place which will help to keep your family safe from such dangers.

home eye safety month

In the UK, there are particular specific reminders and guidelines that one should strictly follow during the Home Eye Safety Month. You need to ensure that children who have used or are using contact lenses or eyeglasses have their eyes checked every morning before they leave your home.

If it’s possible, it would be better if you can have their guardians accompany them so you can ensure that no harmful items or medications are found within their reach. The Home Eye Safety Month is also observed in the month of January, when it comes to assessing the vision condition of individuals who are working. It’s imperative to look at the health condition of every worker to prevent health-threatening situations.

People who attend Home Eye Safety Month parties do not require any special reason to see their physicians or optometrists. However, it is important to mention that this doesn’t imply that they should be wholly blamed.

There are many men and women who don’t take the necessary precautions and end up suffering from serious eye diseases. For instance, if children who play outdoors need a home eye exam before they are allowed to go outdoors, it could end up being a risk to the lives of others.

Health care providers normally recommend that young people between the ages of five and fifteen should undergo regular eye exams. This is a result of the fact that young children have smaller pupils than adults.

Moreover, children’s student are colored different than adults’ pupil and they react differently to light. Hence, they are more susceptible to harmful light rays and they are at a greater risk of contracting eye problems such as conjunctivitis and cataract.

Parents are advised to take their kids for home eye safety checks even during holiday trips. They need to supervise the kids and ensure they are wearing the appropriate protective glasses. These glasses will provide better vision protection against the UV rays and they will also provide better comfort since the lenses are made to mold to the shape of the eyes.

A home eye safety evaluation is usually a simple procedure. Doctors will only require the presence of the family members. An ophthalmologist will then use many tools to examine the health status of the family members. He might ask them to put their hands on the eye area and also to look into the eye glass .

He may also ask them to blink continuously for a certain number of times. The eyes of children may not respond spontaneously when called for a blink. There are instances when this test becomes a little difficult. However, children may learn to control their blinking through training. They may also become knowledgeable about the tools that are utilized during the eye exam.

The eye examination does not have to be a normal part of the monthly home eye safety check. It may be done only when there’s an acute need. This could be when the child experiences pain or discomfort in any part of the eye.

It could also be necessary to have a follow up examination once a year to check if the vision has remained the same. Thus, it’s highly recommended to schedule a house eye safety month.

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